What Is A Quantity Surveyor

Have you had a Quantity Surveyor Report? Its an essential report most property investors should invest in. It is a report detailing the value and taxable life expectancy of all your contents and depreciating items located in you investment property. This could include items such as hot water cylinders, kitchen ovens, curtains and carpet. A Read more about What Is A Quantity Surveyor[…]

Choosing Mortgage Lenders

The Method of Choosing Mortgage LendersTechnically a Mortgage lender is an institution which provides loans to people to purchase real estate. These institutions could be banks, credit unions, life insurance companies, trust companies that provides finance for buying land, houses and real estate. There could be thousands of mortgage lenders in your area varying from Read more about Choosing Mortgage Lenders[…]

Steps to Buying An Investment Property

Find an area and start researching the homes for sale. Or alternatively start researching great growth areas this will find you an area. This will be one of the most time consuming steps of all, however this is most important and where the serious

Have Interest Rates Bottomed

Flat or Sideways?? What a week it has been. The stock market has been rallying to new yearly highs, property has been showing small however very significant growth, consumer spending is still moving along and business confidence is restoring. Is this optimism slightly ahead of time or has the global credit crisis been over exaggerated?(mostly Read more about Have Interest Rates Bottomed[…]