Refinance Home Loan With Ease

Do You Need A Refinance Home Loan?

Since you first applied and got your home mortgage or investment loan your circumstances might have completely changed. To refinance home loan could be an important step to repair your budget.

Do you find yourself asking:

  • Am i paying too many fees?
  • Is my interest rate too high?
  • Can i get out of this loan as i know there is a better one?
  • Can i draw some equity out of my loan?

If you ever asked any of these, its worth a simple question to your local mortgage broker or your bank manager about your current home loan.
Its free to have a health check on your mortgage and see if there are any saving to be made.
This could be as simple as combining your credit card with your home loan. This can be done to use your monthly cash flow for paying the bills later saving credit card interest.

Most mortgage brokers and all bank managers will have a mortgage payment calculator of some kind that can help you work out you budget or cash-flow projections.
This is fairly important to be able to work out what you can afford and how much you will be able to borrow in the future. The key to this exercise is being conservative, not overestimating what you earn and not underestimating what your expenses are. Being left short with a loan you are legally obliged to pay is not a great situation.

If you also decided to move homes or buy an investment property you might need to refinance home loan to be able to draw out some equity to fund your next purchase. You current property may have grown in value enough for you to complete an equity redraw and use this capital to purchase another property or even transfer the borrowing power you have to another property. Effectively getting a new mortgage.

If you are unsure about your home loan options contact a qualified local mortgage broker to talk it through

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