April 4, 2010



You can  rest easy your assets are looked after by a professional team. Ensure you get maximum yield, quality tenants and harness the growth potential of your investment property.

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Management is a crucial part of your investment strategy.

There are many factors to take into consideration and watch over.

We have compiled a must have list of features your possible manager should incorporate.

Must haves=

– Access to a large marketing platform in times of vacancy.

-An up to date software system to log all payments and non-payments

-A flexible experienced team to handle annual leave and emergencies

-An all round team of qualified trades people for 24 hour repairs

-Up to date insurance

-Systems to stay up to date with tenancy regulations and industry changes

Before selecting a manager you may want to ask some of the following questions as well as the must haves above

What is the maximum number of properties any one manger can look after?

What are the procedures for when a tenant defaults on rent?

How many of your tenants are currently in arrears (default)?

Are you able to provide electronic statements?

Is there at least one manager available during weekends for emergencies?

The more research you do with your management team the more likely your asset is in good hands!



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