How To Pay Off Credit Cards

How to pay down a credit card is a question on everyone’s mind. People get really bogged down with mounting credit card debt and loans. Everyone is trying to sell us some form of credit from flashy credit cards with travel bonuses to low interest rate balance transfers

New Loans For Apartments

Lending For Apartments and Small Units Most of us dream, as soon as we start to earn a living, to own a home of our own. While owning a large bungalow or a villa would be the perfect dream, we need to start somewhere and one of the simpler real estate dreams to fulfill would Read more about New Loans For Apartments[…]

Dont Cross Collateralise

Cross collateralisation occurs when the bank uses the security for one loan to secure another loan. What you want to aim for is to have any property you own, investment or otherwise, financed with free standing finance
Remember cross collateralisation can bring your real estate investment financing plans to a standstill.

Have Interest Rates Bottomed

Flat or Sideways?? What a week it has been. The stock market has been rallying to new yearly highs, property has been showing small however very significant growth, consumer spending is still moving along and business confidence is restoring. Is this optimism slightly ahead of time or has the global credit crisis been over exaggerated?(mostly Read more about Have Interest Rates Bottomed[…]