Steps to Buying An Investment Property

Find an area and start researching the homes for sale. Or alternatively start researching great growth areas this will find you an area. This will be one of the most time consuming steps of all, however this is most important and where the serious

Interest Only Mortgage

Is An Interest Only Mortgage For You?This depends a lot on your situation and probably more on what you think the property market is going to do if you are an investor. Interest only mortgage have significant lower repayments as they have no principal amount attached. This alone provides a great incentive for investors as Read more about Interest Only Mortgage[…]

Property Investment

Is Now The Time For Property Investment?There is speculation that the price of new homes is being pushed up by the government grants, which would be enough to convince many to wait until after June 30(when the grant supposedly runs out) when the prices could possibly reduce? A lot of buyers are weighing up whether Read more about Property Investment[…]