Negative Gearing

The Benefits and Downfalls of Negative Gearing Try our loan repayment calculator here. Its similar to a negative gearing calculator One of the biggest hurdles in purchasing the first investment property is getting your head around the fact it may be “losing” money every week. What is called negative gearing is the fact the cash Read more about Negative Gearing[…]

Have Interest Rates Bottomed

Flat or Sideways?? What a week it has been. The stock market has been rallying to new yearly highs, property has been showing small however very significant growth, consumer spending is still moving along and business confidence is restoring. Is this optimism slightly ahead of time or has the global credit crisis been over exaggerated?(mostly Read more about Have Interest Rates Bottomed[…]

Property Management

Many people cringe about the cost of using property managers to manage their investment property. Mostly because of the 7-8% commission they charge.
The benefits for the advanced investor though far outweigh the somewhat small cost involved.
Here’s just some-