April 29, 2009


Client Testimonials

I recently made my first purchase (owner occupier) through Investment Mortgages. They made it all really easy for me. They were fast and really helped me. I now know the basics of lending and am looking forward to the next purchase soon!

Sam,  Brisbane Qld


I have my own business and my income was hard to work out. Investment mortgages took the time and helped me sort through it all before them approaching the banks. They also outlined the best strategy for me long term to buy more. Since then I have brought three investment properties and the fourth is on the way!

Mark, Gold coast Qld


Investment Mortgages Purchase

I recently brought my first investment property and we are now about to settle our own 2-bedroom unit to live in and use the first homeowners grant. I would always use investment mortgages as my broker it saves us a lot of time and hassles. The service is great.

Thanks to the team!

Paul & Courtney, Brisbane


We live overseas and tried to get finance with another broker to no luck. They could not help at all. We were referred to Investment-Mortgages and the result was awesome! We have already purchased two properties and will start to get finance to develop one of them very soon. Living overseas throws up some challenges however the service is great. We wont be going anywhere in a hurry when it comes to finance!

Peter & Karen, New Zealand


Investment Mortgages House1I purchased my first Australian investment property a few months ago with great help from investment mortgages now I am applying for finance to buy a first home to live in. The team makes it so easy as it’s a nightmare dealing with the big banks. I can’t wait to settle (move in) and get ready for the next property!

Matt, Gold Coast


I was stumped with a way of getting a construction loan from the bank due to being Investment Mortgages Anita Picture self employed so contacted investment mortgages to see if they had any ways to get it across the board. They showed me several options that were far better than before so I have a clear path ahead to building my own home. Will be finished soon!!

Anita,  Brisbane Qld

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