November 7, 2010

Top Ten Questions

Thank you for the request. Here you Are=

Real Estate Agent Questions

Ask your potential agents the following questions, as well as anything special to your transaction, like their experience with houses similar to yours.

Name of real estate agent and contact information (phone, email, etc.):

Date of conversation:

1. Do you work full time as a real estate agent?

2. How long have you been in the real estate business?

3. Do you have additional certifications beyond your general real estate license?

If so what are they?

4. Will you ever represent me as a dual agent? (IE: represent both buyer and seller)

5. How many residential real estate transactions have you been a part of in the past year?

6. If I am not happy with your performance, how do I cancel our agreement?

7. What was the price range of homes you helped clients buy within the last year?

What was the average price?

8. Do you specialize in a certain type of property?

9. Do you specialize in a certain geographic area?

10. Can you provide at least three names of recent clients who purchased or sold homes with you, and will serve as references?


Best Answers:

1. Yes.

2. The longer the better, but at least five years.

3. More the better, it shows a long term commitment to the industry.

4. Only acceptable answer is “No.”

5. Should be a minimum of ten.

6.  They should always try to work out any problems however canceling should be easily arranged.

7. Should be specifically your price range.

8. Should be the type of property you’re interested in, like a single-family house, duplex or unit.

9. Should be the geographic area where you’re looking to buy.

10. Only acceptable answer is “Yes.”