What Is A Quantity Surveyor

Have you had a Quantity Surveyor Report?

Its an essential report most property investors should invest in. It is a report detailing the value and taxable life expectancy of all your contents and depreciating items located in you investment property. This could include items such as hot water cylinders, kitchen ovens, curtains and carpet.

A qualified surveyor will accurately calculate the value and tax deduct-ability of these item so you can present this on your next tax return for your respected investment property.

In a property not more than 20 years old a normal quantity surveyor report will provide enough of a tax deduction to pay for the report itself. These deductions are then staggered to the calculated life of the depreciating items.  This is a very good way of improving cash-flow if you have a investment property you wish to hold long term.

Convinced of the benifits?

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